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• SGi навигация / Navigation: Игры для ПК » Русские версии игр » Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (821) » Pivot Animator v4.2.6
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Peter Bone (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (821); Создание игр (89)
• Язык: Русская версия (6214)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 0.84 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 43)
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Это аниматор движений любого предмета в 2D. Если вы любите рисовать анимации - то эта программа для вас! Но самое главное в программе - что не надо никакого програмирования, знания компьютерной графики и прочего геморроя.

Версия программы ОБНОВЛЕНА с 4.1.10 до 4.2.6. Список изменений внутри.

В основном всё просто - создаёшь чела и делаешь движение. После движения остаётся тень предыдущего движения, а после того как сделаешь движение - нажимаешь на кнопку Next Frame - следующий кадр а потом нажимаешь Play и смотришь что получилось. Чтобы добавить чела, заходишь в папку с аниматором. Там будет папка "!BonusFugures" и все файлы в формате.stk это челы...
но их можно создавать и самому! Запускаете Pivot.exe жмёте File -> Create figure type, и всё делаете.

The latest stable version of Pivot, which adds several keyboard shortcuts for the figure builder window and the ability to load multiple sprites. See the readme.txt file for a full list of changes.

The beta version of the latest version of Pivot, which adds several keyboard shortcuts for the main window. See the readme.txt file for a full list of changes. Please report any bugs to or by using the contact form.

The beta version of the latest version of Pivot. This fixes a few bugs in v4.2.3 and adds icons to the figure builder menu. See the readme.txt file for a full list of changes. Please report any bugs to or by using the contact form.
Updated Help files for v4.2 are also now available.

Changes in Pivot 4.1:
- Everything in Pivot 2 and Pivot 3 beta plus bug fixes
- Transparency / opacity
- All handles drawn on top of figures so you can move them easier
- Edit area surrounding the animation area to make it easier to move objects off screen
- Duplicate figure button
- Multi-figure select
- Change the length of segments in the animation by holding Ctrl while dragging
- Change scale and rotate whole figure by holding Alt while dragging
- Pan and zoom and rotate all (by selecting all figures)
- Improved figure selector and background selector (shows images in a list)
- Split segment button in figure builder
- Delete a segment even if it has segments joined to it's end or delete a whole branch
- Copy and paste multiple frames
- In figure builder, set circle to filled or not filled or white filled
- Change where the orange handle is in the figure builder
- Improved gif options (dithering)
- Avi video export support
- Join figures together (for creating multi-coloured figures or for holding weapons, etc)
- PNG support for backgrounds and sprites and export as images
- Press delete key for deleting figure or segment in figure builder - plus other shortcuts
- Figure order buttons; hold ctrl key to send 1 back or 1 front
- Improved Gif export quality
- Multiple languages
- Multiple-onion skins
- Undo / redo button with multiple levels of undo
- Improved handle sizes
- Save figures in the Pivot 2 format
- < and > step through frames
- Change the background or repeat frame number in multiple frames
- Preview of STK files when loading

Bug Fixes in 4.1.2
DONE Playing animation with loop unchecked. DDp1
DONE Right click deleting last frame. Range check error after clicking another frame. DDp1
DONE Click stop button when not playing. Error sometimes and redraws onion skin from bitmap current positions. DDp1
DONE Delete multiple selected figures. Range check error. DDp2
DONE Join button enabled with only one figure after clicking stop button. Causes error. DDp2
COULDN'T REPLICATE. MAYBE RELATED TO 2 Editing first frame when only one frame. StoreEditedFrame. DDp3
DONE SHOW MESSAGE Disable background button when no backgrounds loaded
TRIED NO DOUBLE BUFFERING APART FROM SELECT BOX DRAG Lag when moving figues. Double buffering? DDp4
DONE 0.4 TO 0.7 Adjust handle size (slightly larger based on length)
DONE Change dimensions in options. Confirm message - yes/no reversed
DONE Scale Edit box change doesn't commit on exit if handle dragged, until after handle drag. DDp6
DONE Clicking frame when playing animation doesn't stop animation. Same with <> keys. DDp6
TRIED RELATIVE SIZING Gif options window bottom cut off with some themes/windows settings. DDp6
FIXED SETTING SCALE EDIT TO ZERO AND THEN INCREASING Alt dragging scale to zero with multi-select. Divide by zero. DDp7
DONE CURSOR Notify after Ctrl+S save. Cursor change? DDp9
DONE Default export size 100% instead of 50%
COULDN'T REPLICATE FormResize access violation sometimes. PAp2
DONE ReduceBitmapDepth Range check error when loading background sometimes. E Jan2 7:46pm
CAN'T REPLICATE Pivot won't run after installing on some Windows 8 machines.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.3
DONE Initialise/uninitialise OLE for check install?
FIXED. NO FLASHING Scroll bar error in time-line. flashing part doesn't resize.
FIXED Integer overflow in TFigure.RotateSegment. When Ctrl dragging any segment in figure builder for 12.7 seconds.
FIXED Sprite extent not correct after resize. Leaves trail after rotate.
FIXED Sprites sometimes displayed with yellow backgrounds. 8 bit sprites in Pivot 3 beta animations.
DONE Set animations folder from previous folder opened.
FIXED Error after trying to load stk file that doesn't exist. Maybe other open dialogs too.
DONE Handle size. choose largest of thickness based and length based.
DONE No link to help file.
DONE. STOPS PLAYING Disable load figure, etc while playing animation.
FIXED Problem repainting screen sometimes when no onion skins.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.4
FIXED Click orange handle. Access violation in mousedown sometimes.
DONE Option to Cancel closing pivot in save warning.
FIXED. END DRAG Drag handle while using shortcuts such as pressing 'A' or Ctrl+Z or Del causes errors.
FIXED Can't add frame. Range check error in NextFrameButtonClick. With onion skins and no figures in last frame.
FIXED Split sprite many times in figure builder. Scanline out of range in rotatebitmap.
FIXED Check overlapping handles. Is the one on top selected when clicking overlapping region?
DONE. AUTOSIZE Add option for handle size 'Shrink when close'.
DONE XP THEME AWARE Theme. XP manifest. Check on Windows 7 themes. Nicer looking buttons and other controls.
DONE Delete frame while playing animation error. Disable popup.
DONE Transparency of onion skins for figures with transparency.
DONE Mouse wheel while editing. Flickers editing frame. Disable.
DONE. DEFAULT OS LANGUAGE MessageDlg messages in other languages. Yes, No, Cancel.
DONE. DISABLED Click Add Figure button when animation playing enables join button.
DONE. WON'T ADD FIGURE Figure builder add to animation. Added anyway if X clicked in Name window.
FIXED Frame caption shown in English always when clicking a frame.
DONE Change cross cursor in figure builder. Too big.
DONE Czech and Norwegian languages added.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.5
FIXED Range check error in select frame. Delete last frame and Shift select last frame.
FIXED Parts of figure not erased sometimes. Figure extent.
DONE Add asterix in caption for saved / unsaved.
DONE Canvas refresh rate when moving figures. Smoother dragging.
DONE Finnish langauge added.
DONE Use small cross cursor in figure builder for adding and duplicating segment

Bug Fixes in 4.1.6
NEW FEATURE Preview STK files when opening. Main window and figure builder.
FIXED Figure selector overlapping figures. After deleting a figure. Resolves after closing and reopening.
DONE Figure name window. Edit box has focus when shown.
DONE Figure builder cross cursor. Inverts colour behind.
FIXED Circle segments and sprites with zero thickness but filled are not shown.
DONE Figure builder. Duplicating, draw handles over segment.
FIXED. DISABLED SEGMENT DRAGGING IF SCALE=0 divide by zero in TFigure.RotateSegment. Alt drag to zero then ctrl drag.
FIXED Negative value in frame repeat. Click any frame.
DONE Google+ link in about box.
FIXED. ROUND BEFORE SCALE Jitter caused by supersampling / resizing. Round vertex coordinates before scaling up so that result looks like in Pivot.
FIXED Range check error in SelectFrame if select a frame, load another animation and select frame.
FIXED Copy and paste frames. Problem with paste insert. Correct list of selected frames and frame being edited.
FIXED Delete all frames. Onion skin still shown. Redraw background onion if last frame deleted.
FIXED Frame buttons always enabled after clicking stop.
FIXED doesn't ask to save after pasting frames and closing.
FIXED Range check error with more than 256 figure types. Also slow to delete figure type when many figures.
FIXED. CHECK FOR SMALL IMAGE Load empty bitmap as background or 1x1 bitmap
FIXED Figure builder. Duplicated segments ends up at the back instead of the front.
FIXED Scale value not always shown correctly in edit box.
FIXED Figure builder enables circle fill button when clicking no handle.
DONE Don't make cursor invisible when adding new segment in builder.
DONE Don't start new figure when click 'Create Figure Type'.
DONE Space bar adds new frame.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.7
FIXED. LIMITED ALT DRAG Large thickness in builder. 135552992 line disappears. 2152387840 range check error.
FIXED Centre button doesn't always centre multi-selected figures. Same error as flip?
FIXED Pasting between pivot apps doesn't always work. Stop animation by clicking frame. Paste button not re-enabled.
DONE Store FPS in Config file. Persist FPS when re-opening program.
DONE Indonesian + Turkish languages.
FIXED Can move static segments when joining figures to them. Don't start drag if joining.
FIXED Options. Leave width blank and click ok. error message.
FIXED Width = 10, height = 800. Divide by zero in shrinkFast. < 1 pixel in timeline.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.8
DONE Ini file/error_log save location. Problems for non-admins. Store in AllUsers/AppData.
FIXED 10x801 dimensions. Range check error in SetAnimationDimensions. Number of frames in timeline > 255.
FIXED Open sprite in builder, set sprite segment to line or circle, add to animation, save. Results in corrupted PIV.
FIXED Error when loading Pivot 2 file with figure type with no name.
FIXED Horizontal line figure types not visible in figure selector.
DONE Alt scale to zero in figure builder. No way back. Limit Alt dragging to 1 pixel size.
FIXED Limit Alt scaling for figures with zero width segments. Limit scale to 100000%
DONE Small figures with 1 static segment (particles) always have large handle. Make small.
FIXED Figures/backgrounds lose capitalisation when loaded.
FIXED Frames copied in order selected rather than frame order.
IMPROVED Large PIV files can take a long time to load. Decompression.
FIXED PROBABLY error after 520000 frames. Range check in UpdateTLScrollBar.
DONE Addition of new example animations and STK file.
DONE Italian language added.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.9
DONE 3000000 frames - error. Limit number of frames to 1000000.
DONE If error while saving (run out of memory) then don't save (exception handling).
DONE figure builder disable hotkeys while adding segments.
FIXED Ctrl Alt to create long segment will very low scale. Origin resizes.
FIXED Builder. Split segment and delete new unselected.
DONE German language added.
DONE Russian language improved.

Bug Fixes in 4.1.10
FIXED Figure builder window won't open / freezes on some computers. Text box at bottom of window is 1 pixel off screen.
FIXED Change background from one that is no longer used to one that comes after it. Changes to wrong background.
FIXED Can open wrong file types if search in file name bar. Check extension.
DONE Change dimensions in options while playing. Mucks up if objects outside animation area.
DONE Moved Load sprite in File menu, so that the 3 load items are together.
DONE Help link to html Help files.
DONE Figure preview not working sometimes. Abort load for corrupted files or stk files made with future versions.
DONE Show Russian Help in browser if language set to Russian.
DONE Store PIV and STK save file folders in config file. Now goes to previous folder used after closing pivot.
DONE Options for max and min size handles. Config file only. For the partially sited.
DONE Check sensible values when loaded from config file. Prevent manual modification to invalid values.
DONE Spanish latin replaces Spanish Mexicano.
DONE Croatian language added.
FIXED Incorrect transparency when loading a sprite with 1 or 2 colours.
FIXED Sprites leave behind trails sometimes. Not being erased properly.
FIXED Set transparency to 2 and then add frame and select the figure again. Transparency gets set back to 0.
FIXED PNG library bug with some PNG files.
FIXED. STOP ANIMATION Can sometimes freeze if exporting while animation is playing.
DONE New program icon
DONE Removed requirement to run program on the computer it was installed on. Portable for non-beta

Pivot Animator 4 Beta is the latest version of the Pivot Animator software. This is an early release, therefore might not be as stable as Pivot Animator 2.2.7. If you are trying Pivot Animator 4 and are encountering some bugs, please send us the bug reports file so we can fix them for the stable release. This is a Beta version, and therefore it won't be distributed on any other website (nobody is allowed to redistribute this software - see the license agreement-).

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